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This program is dedicated to Joan Carling, an activist from the Kankanaey people of the Philippines. She has served as an Expert Member on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues during 2014 and 2016, and as the Secretary General of the Asia Indigenous Pact. In this interview, she explains the benefits of the participation of Indigenous Peoples in local and global decision-making, which would bring a diversity of perspective and solutions to pressing issues.

Producer: Avexnim Cojti

Dr. Dawn Lavell-Harvard (Anishinaabe, Canada) explains how the concerns that have been labeled as “women’s issues” are in fact central to the progress of Indigenous rights. Often, concerns such as domestic abuse, schooling, and healthcare are often sidelined in favor of focusing on issues that are seen as more universal. Dr. Lavell-Harvard places them at the center of her activism efforts, showing that there is no need to compromise or postpone the rights of Indigenous women in Indigenous movements globally.

Producer: Avexnim Cojti

Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough (Innuit, Alaska, USA) discusses her early engagement in the politics of Indigenous Peoples land rights, and shares her insight into why the defense of land merits extra international legal attention. She urges leaders to have optimism, and take “the long view” approach to making progress in the protection of Indigenous rights.

Producer: Avexnim Cojti

María Eugénia Choque, Líder Indígena Boliviana, con gran trayectoria Académica a nivel Nacional e Internacional. Fue electa “Miembro Experto del foro Permanente de la ONU”, ha enfrentado discriminación y nos comparte un mensaje a las mujeres jovenes del mundo. 

Wilma Calderón, Líder Indígena hondureña, del pueblo Misquito. Se ha involucrado a nivel Nacional e Internacional en el tema de derechos de las mujeres y defensa de la madre tierra. Ha enfrentado amenazas a sus hijas y a su propia vida

Olga Montufar, Indígena mexicana. Se ha destacado por llevar al plano Internacional el tema de derechos de las Personas Indigenas con Discapacidad.

Avexnim Cotji brings us interviews from a preparatory meeting in Guatemala in April of 2016 for members of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. At the meeting, they discussed local media as a crucial element of cultural preservation and the protection of Indigenous community rights.

Producer: Avexnim Cojti

Kaimana Barcarse interviews Perty Maguru from Nepal about the unique dual identity that Indigenous Peoples with disabilities occupy. She hopes to help bring a voice to this community. Recorded at the 2015 UNPFII. 

Kaimana Barcarse interviews Setareki Macanawai from Fiji. They discuss how the Disability Caucus hopes to extend its presence to regions and communities, in order to grow the network of Indigenous Peoples with disabilities. Recorded at the 2015 UNPFII. 

Kaimana Barcarse interviews Doreen Demas of the Dakota Peoples in Canada about the focus, message, and goals of the Disability Caucus at the UNPFII. She discusses the growing impact and voice of the Indigenous with Disabilities activist community. Recorded at the 2015 UNPFII.

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