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Indigenous Peoples Day

It's time to recognize that celebrating the life of Christopher Columbus is the same as celebrating the erasure of Indigenous existence. 

"We believe it is important to hear the other side of the story-- the Indigenous side-- because there are detrimental implications to learning about the side of history that makes heroes of colonizers, and erases those who were colonized" say Shaldon Ferris and Avexnim Cotji, Indigenous Rights Radio producers. 

Together, we can recognize this history of violence and honor Indigenous resistance by starting conversations about ending the commemoration of Columbus Day.  Listen to and download Indigenous Rights Radio's new program on the history of violence propagated by European colonizers, and innovative ways that Indigenous people of the Americas are correcting the historical record. 


Interviewed: Jim Peters

Music Credits
Arist: Sik'inïk 
Song Title: K'oxomal Winaqil (Koxomal – Sikin-k-koxomal-win-qil)

Artist: Yarina 
Song Title: 500 years

Artist: Yarina 
Song Title: Con Tu Voz

Photo: Sign displayed at Indigenous Peoples Day rally outside City Hall in Boston, October 2016. Photo by Cultural Survival.

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