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Martinus Fredericks On Germany - Namibia Compensation Agreement

The state of Germany has agreed to compensate the state of Namibia, by means of a development fund of 1.4 billion Euros, over 30 years. How will this agreement benefit the descendents of the victims of the thousands of people who were tortured and murdered by the colonial rulers of the South Western African country of Namibia, in the early 1900's.
Diana Morat from Eldos FM, a community radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa interviews Martinus Fredericks, a direct descendent of Cornelius Fredericks, who was a Nama leader who fought along Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi.
Produced by Eldos FM
Interviewer: Diana Morat
Interviewee: Martinus Fredericks
Music: "Whispers" by Ziibiwan, used with permission
Image: Courtesy of Martinus Fredericks(Facebook)

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