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COP28 - Indigenous Women Have The Responsibility To Transfer Indigenous Knowledge

Minnie Degawan is an Indigenous Kankanaey-Igorot from the Cordillera region in the Philippines. She believes that Indigenous women play a crucial role in the fight to preserve our planet. They act as protectors of biodiversity and are responsible for safeguarding endangered species and ecosystems. Furthermore, they are the driving force behind climate solutions, using their innovative approaches to reduce emissions and build resilience. Due to their leadership and dedication, they are instrumental in shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.
Produced by Dev Kumar Sunuwar (Sunuwar)
Interviewee: Minnie Degawan (Kankanaey-Igorot)
"LIBRES Y VIVAS " by MARE ADVETENCIA, used with permission.
"Burn your village to the ground", by The Halluci Nation, used with permission.


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