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Language Revival Initiatives In Asia

Of the estimated 7,000 known languages globally, 32 percent of them, which means as many as 2,300 languages are spoken by Indigenous Peoples living in Asia. But lately, because of many reasons, Indigenous languages are disappearing at an alarming rate globally.

Linguists have predicted and also warned that half of all the 7,000 languages currently spoken will go silent by the end of the century. Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) a regional umbrella organization of Indigenous Peoples Organization in Asia, following the official launch of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, starting from 2022 continuing until 2032, has specifically focused plans for revival, revitalization and strengthening of Indigenous language and culture in Asia.

Gam Shimrey, Secretary General of AIPP

Producer and Interviewer:
Dev Kumar Sunuwar

Remember Your Children by Salidummay, Used with Permission

Cultural Survival

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