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The Military Coup in Myanmar and Its Impact on Indigenous Peoples - Part 2

For months now, since the military coup on February 1, 2021, people from all walks of life in Myanmar have been continuously taking to the streets in protest. Everyday thousands of people have been detained, including high profile leaders and politicians of the civilian government. Many are kept under house arrest with no outside contact and in most cases their whereabouts are still unknown. Large demonstrations against the coup are occurring daily in Myanmar, defying the curfews and restrictions put in place by the military. There are also reports that dozens of protestors have died while many human rights defenders have been threatened and went into hiding. In this Indigenous Rights Radio Program, Producer Dev Kumar Sunuwar explores how the military coup is affecting the lives of Indigenous Peoples in Myanmar.
Interview: Khun Khit San, a young Indigenous leader in Myanmar
Producer : Dev Kumar Sunuwar
Music: Remember your children by Salidummay, Used by Permission

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