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Radio Promotes Diversity

Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity. For Indigenous Peoples in many countries, radio is the most accessible platform to have their say in the languages that they speak and understand. Radio, therefore, is a fundamental means of communication for Indigenous Peoples to maintain their languages and to exercise and defend their rights. Moreover, radio is a means of ensuring the right to information in all sectors of society. For Indigenous Peoples, however, access and ownership of the radio station, and means of production of information in our languages, are essential. Furthermore, it is imperative to support Indigenous Peoples to fully realize their rights in establishing their own media in their own languages and help them access all forms of media without discrimination, as stated in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), 2007.

Producer: Dev Kumar Sunuwar
Interview: Ram Nath Bhatt, president of AMARC-Asia Pacific.
Music: Anania2 by the Baba Project, used with Permission.
Indigenous Rights Radio Intro track features "Burn your Village to the Ground" by @a-tribe-called-red. Used with permission.

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