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Human Trafficking In Nepal

Human trafficking is one of the most difficult issues to address in Nepal, affecting and exploiting thousands of women, adolescent girls, and children. Indigenous women and girls are disproportionately affected by human trafficking and represent almost 70 percent of the cases. Indigenous women and girls make up the majority of the people trafficked and exploited. Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, economic opportunities have been severely impacted and the numbers of missing women and girls including children have risen sharply. According to a report released by the National Human Rights Commission, a national human rights body of the government of Nepal in the year 2019 alone as many as 15,000 women and girls including 5000 children were trafficked, and these are just the known cases. They are trafficked by strangers, neighbors and families to India for sexual exploitation, also to work in circuses, as domestic workers, in forced labor or even made to give up their organs. Many are often lured with promises of well-paid jobs in foreign employment or with fake marriages. These are the common traps used by traffickers. This radio program depicts the challenges of human trafficking in Nepal.
Production: Dev Kumar Sunuwar
Interview : Mayalu Lama Tamang, Secretary Nepal Tamang Mahila Ghedung
Music : Music: Ziibiwan Rivers, used with permission.

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