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Indigenous Rights Radio Program on a case where  the Newar indigenous community in Nepal obtained a victory in their legal battle against the government after about 7 years of continuous struggle.

Interviewees: Advocate Shankar Limbu

Music: Remember your children: by Solidummay.

Introductory Music: "Burn Your Village to the Ground" by A Tribe Called Red. Used with permission.

Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, conducted an official visit to Guatemala, a country where 61 to 65% of population identify as Indigenous. Shaldon Ferris interviewed her about her visit.

"Whispers" by Ziibiwan. Used with permission.
Indigenous Rights Radio Intro track features "Burn your Village to the Ground" by @a-tribe-called-red. Used with permission.

Las/Los Refugiados: ¿Quiénes son? ¿Dónde están? ¿Porque conmemorar el día mundial de los refugiados?

Nati Garcia (Maya Mam, Guatemala)

António Guterres, Secretario General de la ONU
César Gómez (Maya Poqomam, Guatemala)

Indigenous Peoples from around the world represent a disproportionate number of refugees and internally displaced persons due to a number of reasons, including conflict. They are one of the main targets of violence, displacing them from their ancestral land and territories. Vulnerability to displacement as an intersectional issue is often overlooked, a situation that has further increased the vulnerability of these populations. This radio program recounts the experience of Nwe Oo, an Indigenous Rakhine refugee who is currently taking shelter in California, United States.

West Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea, formerly known as Dutch New Guinea. A 13-year dispute with the Netherlands over whether the former Dutch colony would become an independent state or an Indonesian province culminated in 1962 in its annexation by force by the Indonesian military and the denial of the right of self-determination to its people, who today identify as over 50% Indigenous West Papuan. Our producers interviewed John Anari and Les Malazer for the latest information on the process of recognition of sovereignty for Indigenous West Papuan communities.

Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the crime of human trafficking due to the systematic denial of health and wellness resources to which they are subjected. In this program, we focus on the Navajo Nation's response to increased rates of trafficking linked to mining/oil development, and the legal response the Navajo government has implemented to alleviate the harm caused by trafficking, which disproportionately affects Indigenous women and girls.

Between 1904 and 2004, the German state officially denied that genocide against the Indigenous Herero and Nama people in land that is now known as Namibia had ever occurred under German colonial rule, despite conclusive historical sources and internationally recognized investigations. Hear how communities are sorting through the painful legacy of this violence and indifference in the present in the following interview with Martinus Fredericks, Nama leader and activist.

Este año autoridades y organizaciones Indígenas se dieron cita del 16 al 27 de abril en la sede de Naciones Unidas en New York, haciendo especial énfasis a “Los derechos colectivos de los pueblos indígenas a las tierras, territorios y recursos”.

Aprovechamos la participación de jóvenes Indígenas en el Foro Permanente de la ONU para cuestiones Indígenas para conversar con una de ellas y conocer sobre su trabajo en defensa de la propiedad intelectual de las tejedoras para que se respeten sus tejidos Indígenas los que han sido robados por empresarios/as para comercialización.


17a Sesión del Foro Permanente (16-27 de abril 2018)


Todos los 22 de abril desde el año 2009 Naciones Unidas conmemora a la «Madre Tierra», esta es una expresión común utilizada para referirse al planeta Tierra en diversos países y regiones, lo que demuestra la interdependencia existente entre los seres humanos, las demás especies vivas y el planeta que todos habitamos. Te presentamos este especial donde reflexionamos sobre la amenaza eminente que representa el cambio climático para la tierra que habitamos.


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